SpamD - add to whitelist working ?

  • I try to add an email to whitelist while it is in greylist with the add to whitelist button,
    I click on the button, the button bounces
    I refresh the database with my refresh button in the browser

    The email is still in greylist…

    Am i missing something ?


  • You have configured the username / password in the Outlook tab?  Using the same username and password in the Outlook spam button software?

  • ok so I can install the msi plug in to outlook [ I wonder if it will work with Communigate Mapi Connector ] and configure the outlook tab in spamd pfsense interface

    so lets see if I got this straight

    1 give a username/password in outllok tab in pfsense
    2 add msi package to all outlook users and insert same username/password we inserted on the outlook tab in pfsense [??]
    3 start whitelisting from pfsense interface or outlook button

  • Yep, thats about it in a nutshell.

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