Bridging WAN with a VLAN

  • I have recently started using pfSense, and I am completely besotted with it! I have used it in a Virtual environment for a while, and am planning on migrating to a solution with a physical pfSense box soon.

    Currently, I am playing with an idea to Bridge my WAN connection with a specifc VLAN network (VLAN10 on my LAN), so that any VM that has a network adaptor tagged with VLAN10, it will be assigned an IP address from the WAN side and will be able to communicate with any other device on the WAN connection (and the rest of the public internet in general). I have tried many different ways to Bridge the two connections, but any device on VLAN10 does not get any IP or Routing information. Can anyone suggest what I might try to accomplish this?

    Thanks in advance

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