RTP RTCP load balance

  • Hello guys!

    I have 2 video server load balancing case , and the application protocol is RTSP, the detailed scenario as below:

    when the client initiate RTSP request, it sends to load balancer and the destination port is 554 (Standard RTSP protocol), load balancer will distribute to one of the backend video server, when RTSP session is established, server will negotiate 2 dynamic ports with client, 1 for audio, 1 for video, both of those ports are RTP session base on UDP.

    My question is:  pfsense can do RTSP session load balancing well, but can pfsense do keeping persistency for those 2 ports sessions, RTP sessions? I mean, if the RTSP signal load balance to backend video server_1, the RTP sessions (2 different dynamic ports sessions on UDP which negotiate between backend video server and client) also can be redirected to same backend server, video server_1? Can we do that??? How??

    Thaks a lot!!!!


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