Haproxy get 503 on https

  • Hello everyone!
    I have a stange situation - i setup a Haproxy like a frontend with 1 external ip-address with multiply backend hosts, on 2 ports - 80 for http and 443 for https.
    All works fine, except one host - this host does not work on https, get "503 Service Unavailable", NOSRV in logs.
    It works perfect via http, and this backend host has GREEN status in STATS FS.
    But dont work on https….

  • Very strange situation - i add one more frontend reverse proxy and wrote same  acl on it - and all work…
    seems like this is bug in haproxy...

  • Hi x0139,

    Can you share the haproxy.cfg from the bottom of the config tab? It might show a subtle difference in the acl's ?

    Also make sure to check if you have checked the boxes for certificate acl's to be added.. They add a extra acl which might not be obvious from the gui side..

    Other than that i cant guess whats happening better with the given information..


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