Haproxy on second node lost connection and all properties

  • Hello!
    I use pfSense community edition v. 2.3.2-RELEASE-p1  and Haproxy-devel package.
    Setup a 2-cluster nodes with XMLRPC for sync haproxy config.
    All work, but after creating some new backends and setuping them in frontend on main node, syncing with second node is lost and all preferences on second node dissapear and haproxy on it stop working.
    After some dancing with a tambourine on second node (i.e. reinstall haproxy-devel package) haproxy start working, but if i made some changes on main node Haproxy stop working again.

  • Got this errors after haproxy stop working on node 2:

    [b]Settings Sync[/b]
    A communications error occurred while attempting Filter sync with username admin	@ 2016-11-04 09:23:04
    [b]HAProxy Settings Reload[/b]
    A communications error occurred while attempting HAProxy XMLRPC sync with (exec_php).	@ 2016-11-04 09:23:10

    of course i do not change the sync password

  • 'Filter sync' is afaik not (directly) related to haproxy sync. It does use the same xmlrpc remote configuration methods. Meaning that maybe the webgui is getting stuck also ?

    Not sure why that would cause settings to be 'lost' though.. I'm using XMLRPC sync with haproxy, on both 2.3.2 and on my testboxes with 2.4alpha and have not seen it loose all settings while syncing.

    If you mean that haproxy is not running on the backup that could be if you configured it to monitor a carp-ip. Then it would only run on the master box.

  • I know that haproxy running only on master node.

    Yes, u were right  - the web gui is stuck also. I try to restart PHP-FPM, and its gui start working, but locking again via firewall - if i run pfctl -d, and switch off the firewall on this node, webgui start working again, but my down after i do some changes on MASTER node.

    Dont understand why the firewall is blocking connection - cause i wrote rule that pass all traffic from my network to pfsense nodes, and with this rule node #1 working great (i try to disable this rule - and node #1 and #2 stop answer me)

  • Kinda difficult to tell what might be going on.. The backup node does have a working internet connection while functioning as backup? No dns issues or otherwise.? This pass rule your talking about, what does it look like? Perhaps disable xmlrpc sync in haproxy for a little while to check if that is the source of problems, or if it is only a additional symptom.?.

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