Carp Active/Active and load balancer

  • Hello everybody.

    I have a simple question.

    I'm trying to set up a two nodes cluster with 2 Carp IPs on the same range, I would like to balance the load bettween the two nodes, making each node be the master of one Carp IP, and slave of the other one. Something like;

    NODE 1                                      NODE 2
    –------                                      ---------
    CARP 1  -> MASTER                    CARP1 -> SLAVE
    CARP 2  -> SLAVE                        CARP2 -> MASTER

    To do it, I have configured the advertising frequency as;

    NODE 1                                      NODE 2
    --------                                      ---------
    CARP 1  Base: 1 Skew: 0              CARP1  Base: 1, Skew: 100
    CARP 2  Base: 1 Skew: 100          CARP2  Base: 1, Skew: 0

    I'm having a lot problems with this config and doesn't work as expected.

    Does anybody know if this config is possible or if  CARP can only be used in Active/pasive mode?

    FYI; The version of pfSense used is 2.3.2 (amd64) in KVM (Proxmox) virtual machines. The CARP IPs are configured in WAN interface, and XMLRPC is configured over dedicated interface and sync Virtual IPs configuration.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Not a supported config. If it's virtual, why don't you just bump the resources on the VM so it can handle the full load? Are they on the same underlying hardware? If it's active/passive, the backup won't use much cpu/memory.

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