Anyone else had SG-2440 failures? I'm concerned about replacing one

  • We have a pretty standard HA setup with two SG-2440s.  The secondary keeps powering off randomly (twice this week, once last week, once the week before).  Nothing in the logs, but I suppose that's expected with a hard poweroff like it does.  It's plugged into a rack PDU supplied with conditioned power, no surges or anything going on, all other equipment happy and healthy.

    So, clearly it can't be trusted as the secondary unit, since if the primary ever fails we'll be running on a firewall that is prone to random poweroffs.  My concern is that these units are just barely over a year old (so of course past warranty  :(  ), just received in May of 2015 and put into service July 2015.  Did we just get a lemon, or are others seeing similar power issues with this hardware?  I'm going to go to management to get approval for ordering a replacement, but they're going to be curious as to why we're already replacing a $500 firewall and if I get another SG-2440 and it fails similarly they'll be really burnt up with me.

  • I've got over a dozen in the field, some of them the early blue ones. Haven't had a single problem yet. Mix of SSD and onboard storage.
    YMMV. Try swapping the power brick first, potential cheap fix.

  • I have about 40 of the 2440's deployed, they are great units.  Have had the filesystem corruption but that's more of a freebsd/ufs bug that I'm hopeful will be resolved in 2.4 with ZFS.  Never had any issues with power/crashing/heat/boards frying etc.  I would try to open up a case with support and see if you can get an RMA.

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