Need some advice on RTSP and firewall rules?

  • Hello guys

    I am trying to stream Youtube videos with my Nokia N95 mobile via WLAN. I am running pfSense version 1.2 embedded on an 3 nic alix platform. I am not able to watch videos on youtube using my mobiles RealPlayer.

    This is what my network layout looks like:

    This is what my firewall log says

    …and what my rules look like.

    It seems that RTSP/RTCP needs some kind of port forwarding??? How can I solve this issue? I could also provide a packetcapture.cap


  • I think the easiest way would be to use a RTSP Proxy… is anyone aware of a free public rtp proxy?

  • I have now configured my mobiles RealPlayer port range from 32000/udp - 33000/udp. Then I set up a port forwarding rule from the wan interface for this port range to (mobile). Regarding to tcpdump there is some packet flow, at least at the pfSense DMZ interface. But somehow the packets do not reach my mobile. My linksys router is configured in "router" mode… IP is pingable from the DMZ interface...

    19:13:34.164639 IP > UDP, length 223
    19:13:34.202013 IP > UDP, length 193

    So whats wrong here?

    Update 1: I have also tried to setup a telnet natting to my laptop ( for testing purpose. The telnet service is reachable from the pfsense box but not from wan… I am out of ideas...
    Update 2: The telnet natting is working... seemed to be an issue with the

  • Changing the ports from 6970/udp - 9999/udp did the trick…. dont ask me why.... ??? it may be an issue with Nokias Realplayer...

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