Multi wan load balancing limit upload speed

  • Hi, I have multi wan load balancing setup. Which working fine. My question is. I have two internet connection, one with 15mbps upload and download, other is 10 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. The load balancing some time sets the lowest upload speed 2 Mbps. It there anyway to block the 2mbps upload and give all user the 15 Mbps of my first wan.

  • Load Balancing

    When two gateways are on the same tier, they will load balance. This means that on a per-connection basis, connections are routed over each WAN in a round-robin manner. If any gateway on the same tier goes down, it is removed from use and the other gateways on the tier continue to operate normally.

    so, no

  • If you have users that upload a lot you can force them to one connection but you can't detect which users are uploading and send them to the WAN connection with the fastest upload speed.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Your problem description is unclear. Load balancing doesn't set bandwidth.


    You can adjust the gateway weights in a load balancing setup.

    You have a combined upload of 17Mbps with 88% on one circuit and about 12% on the other. Dividing each by 4 brings you to 22 and 3 respectively.

    Try setting those values on each gateway in the advanced settings as the Weight.

    This is not perfect as the system has no way of knowing how much bandwidth a given connection is going to use when it is established and the route is chosen. It also has no way of knowing whether the connection will be used to primarily send or receive data. This algorithm will establish 22 states on one circuit and three on the other for every 25 states created. Sticky connections should also override this.

    Should help at least little.

    Note that your download is split 60/40 so this might result in under utilization of the 10M download. You might want to skew them toward something between 88/12 and 60/40. Like maybe 70/30 (weights of 7 and 3).

    See Also:

    If you have known traffic that generates uploads you can make another gateway group that fails over from the 15/15 to the 10/2 instead of load balancing the two. Policy route that specific traffic to that gateway group then policy route everything else to the load balancer group. If the 15/15 happens to go down, that traffic will use the other circuit.

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