Unable to setup a network bridge on 2.3.2

  • Following the walk through on the link below, I am unable to successfully setup a bridge between two interfaces.
    Note: Using a 4th non-bridge interface for a admin connection.

    WAN/Port 0: Internet
    LAN/Port1: PC1
    OPT1/Port2: PC2

    I create a Bridge0 assigning OPT1 interface. 
    When I reassign LAN to Bridge 0, PC1 looses connection although PC2 on Port2/Opt1 is unable to reach the router.
    I assign Port1 to OPT2 Interface then add OPT 2 to Bridge0.

    Now I have:
    WAN/Port0: Internet
    LAN/Bridge0: Bridging Opt1 and Opt2
    Opt1/Port2: PC2
    Opt2/Port1: PC1

    Neither PC is capable of connecting to the router.  All interfaces have been added and firewalls allowing any/any created.

    Is there a better walkthrough available for pfSense 2.3.2?


  • If you've bridged Opt1-> Opt2 the network activity on Opt1will be "bridged" to Opt2, and vice a versa. The LAN interface is physical. I don't see how it is also BRIDGE0? The LAN interface can be a member of the bridge. It might be helpful if you reply back with the output of this command:

    ifconfig -a

    …and I guess another question would be what are you trying to accomplish. From what you have described, a bridge might not be the best way to get to there from here.


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Is there a better walkthrough available for pfSense 2.3.2?

    No. :)

    Using an admin port should make it ezpz since you're configuring the bridge out-of-band.

    BRIDGE0 is the "interface" on which the IP configuration is placed. It is a virtual interface consisting of a layer 2 bridge of the bridge members.

    With the sysctls set as in that walkthrough that is the only interface on which firewall rules will be honored.

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