Please help me..

  • I'm new in this pfsense and having trouble connecting two LAN.. can anyone please help me..all i want to is to connect my other network to another network.. my set up is

  • Where is your problem?

  • my computer is in switch 2 and i cant connect to switch 1 sir..tells me its unreachable…


    Could you provide a "bit" more informations?
    What are you trying to achieve, how did you test that id didnt work,  what steps did you take to try to make it work, how did you set it up, did you create firewall rules that allow access? I the pfSense doing NAT? Do you want to route between thet two subnets? Does the modem have a static route to the subnet behind pfSense pointing to the pfSense? etc.

  • im sorry sir in not really familiar with nating. im just a beginner trying to learn something new hope u dont mind…i install a pfsense and use the default setting i only port forward port 80 to view my ip cam.. I can ping all the comp on the switch1(network) but i cant browse them...what should i do to browse them all and be part of their network(it is possible?) what should i do? thanks for the time sir...

  • I dont know what you mean by "browse" a computer but if you are using pfSense in the default-config:
    you are doing NAT from the LAN to the WAN and
    allow anything from the LAN to the WAN.

    Since you can ping the target computer it's obvious that you have a valid connection.
    If you have problems with accessing windows shares you could try to disable the firewall on the target computer.
    This is not a pfSense problem but a configuration problem of your computers.

  • Okay sir thanks for the reply…I'll try to figure out whats wrong with my configuration..SALAMAT.. 8)

  • Im sorry sir i forgot to include a router after modem please try to look at it(on my attachment) if thats configuration is correct… ;D

  • Okay sir i've already manage to access the other network(192.168.0.XXX, thanks for the help) what kind of mapping/or portforward? should i use so that they can access my network?

  • Problem solve ..thanks for the time sir… :)

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