Access opt1 from another pfsense

  • pfSense1 is configured with open access for lan and opt1
    pfSense2 is on the same lan subnet

    How do I setup pfSense2 access to opt1 using as gateway?

  • Can you explain in more detail what it is you're trying to do?  If you just want pf2 to use pf1 as its gateway then set that in your WAN config.  As long as LAN can access OPT1, clients behind pf2 should be able to as well.

  • pf1 wan is connected to isp1
    pf2 wan is connected to isp2
    pf1 lan and pf2 lan are on the same switch
    opt1 is only connected to pf1
    opt1 is accessible from pf1 lan

    I want to also access opt1 from pf2 lan

  • I think you have to add as a gateway under System - Routing - Gateways.  Then, using System - Routing - Static Routes, you can add a route for the OPT1 network using as the gateway.

  • It does not seem to work if I add the gateway using the lan interface. If I traceroute from the client, it just goes out the wan. Traceroute from pf2 shows first hop to and then nothing.

  • From console, what is the output of netstat -nr?

  • OK I just simulated it in my lab.  It works like a charm.  I spun up two nodes: pf1 on and pf2 on  pf1 also had OPT1 at  Spun up two Lubuntu clients on pf1 OPT1 and pf2 LAN.  Lubuntu2 @ could not ping Lubuntu1 @  After adding as a gateway for pf2, I added the static route and then I could ping (see image).

  • I put a packet capture on pf1 lan and see traffic coming from pf2 but then nothing. There must be something wrong with the way I have the network wired up.

    Thank you for your help with my routing problem.

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