Timewarner > Modem > pfsense > FreeNAS (LAN) ..HMMM

  • I have a conundrum here…I have a Intel 4 port nic on my pfsense box [lan/wan/lan(freenas)/wan(wan pfsense)] I want my freenas to have a port bridged to lan on pfsense..no biggie done. I also want my freenas to have a port to the net via a bridge to my wan interface on the pfsense box. However I have tried to get it to work (have firewall rules..not sure if right honestly) and it is bridged to the pfsense wan via dhcp, just like on wan on pfsense so what is going on..I keep getting any ideas or experience that could help..would be greatly appreciated..THANK YOU! If this is a dumb question be blunt I am a noob to this situation.

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    What does your pfsense box have 2 wans?  And why do you not just connect your freenas to a switch port on your lan??  Or for that matter just put it on an different network segment lets call in your nas segment and then just route/firewall between your lan/nas segments?

    Bridges do not turn interfaces into switch ports.  If you need more switch ports on a specific segment, get another switch or a bigger switch, etc. etc..