Log File Upper Size Limit

  • This thread has potentially raised an issue.

    In that thread the user has 2.4 million log records.  It has me wondering if the issue, rather than the 10K limit, may actually be something else, such as memory starvation, or PHP script processing time limit, etc. preventing the PHP script command* from getting to the most recent 10K log records.

    • PHP script command
      $tail var is 10000
    exec("/usr/local/sbin/clog " . escapeshellarg($logfile) . " | /usr/bin/grep -v \"CLOG\" | /usr/bin/grep -v \"\033\" | /usr/bin/grep -E $pattern | /usr/bin/tail -r -n {$tail}", $logarr);

    How likely do you think that is?

    If it is should the log file size config setting have an upper limit?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Since performance is largely dependent on hardware, any such limit would be hard to nail down.

    It's reasonable to have an upper bound but figuring out what that might be across various hardware platforms and combinations would be an adventure.

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