Newbie question, odd behavior

  • I justed installed pfSense and I am testing it on my network before i implement it on my network and I am noticing some strange behavior.  I am attempting to use pfSense in transparent firewall/filtering bridge mode.  In order to test I have a test PC with the pfSense set as the gateway.

    I have followed the instructions on the "transparent firewall HOWTO" so far.

    So, from the test PC, I can access some web sites and ping some hosts, but not all.  For example, I can go to or, but not, or
    I can also ping some sites, but not others.
    It seems that DNS finds all of the IP's ok.

    Anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong?

    Thanks! ???

  • Ok,  so I reconfigured the network so that the test PC is connected DIRECTLY to the LAN port on the firewall.  When I turn off "Enable filtering bridge" everything works.  At this point my assumption is simply that I have not configured my rules correctly.

    Is there any guide for basic rules and how to set them up?  To start with, how can I make basic rules for everything OPEN?

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