• So, I'm the process to update my firewalls to the latest version (current version 2.2.6). I have a set of firewalls, Master and Backup. I was able to start my upgrade with the backup. I ran into a few issues, which I was able to resolve, however, syslog-ng is a bit of a trouble which I cannot seem to find an answer.
    So, my testing is as follows:

    2.3.1 syslog-ng package works great, service running, etc. No issues.
    Update to the latest version of PfSense 2.3.2.
    2.3.2 syslog-ng stops working. service will not start, and none of the log files shows any issues as to why service wont start, etc.

    Has anyone had this issue, went thru it or knows which file I can look at to see why the service wont start?
    I tried to cat/clog all files in the /var/log folder, but nothing shows as to any syslog-ng issues/details.

    Can someone give me a push in the right direction for this issue?