PfSense-20080908-1149.iso.gz on VMWare

  • I attempted to install pfSense-20080908-1149.iso.gz on a VMWare Fusion Virtual Machine.  I have it configured with a 1gb hdd, and 512mb ram for the VM.  and 1 NIC.  I was hoping to test it as just a PPTP server inside a LAN with trafic forwarded from another machine.

    On booting from the ISO, at "Configuring OpenVPN Parameters" it hangs, and CPU usage hits 100%.
    If I hit "Ctrl+c" then "return" it takes me to the standard menu.

    If I press 99 to install to hard drive I see
    kerm.geom.debug flags 0 -> 16
    VWMare detected. The installer will make changes to tune this boot.
    Launching LUA installer . .  .

    Then it hangs here with peaked CPU usage.

  • the latest build fixed this.

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