• We are concerned about article, because we have the same problem anno 2016 with version 2.3.2.

    We have OpenBGP running and added the RIP package "routing". As soon RIP receives routes from our internal firewalls, OpenBGP does not add the learned routes to the routing table. Connection to the dcenter router is established and BGP is learning the routes. Question is, why are the learned BGP routes not added to the routing table?

    dcenter router                                                                                                          multiple Firewalls
    (X) –----------------------> INTRA interface (PfSense) RTR interface <-------------------  (FW)
                BGP                                                                                            RIP

    PfSense is run as a VM on VMWare ESXi 5.5U3
    PfSense has 4 dedicated interfaces without vlan tagging. WAN, DMZ, RTR and INTRA
    Only WAN and RTR interface have promiscuous mode enabled, because we want to use CARP IP addresses. CARP has not been configured yet for this test setup

    We also think the combination makes PfSense unstable. If we run "ping -s 1024 -i0.02 -l 10000 <ip>" for 30-60 minutes, PfSense might crash, loosing all interface connections.
    Without the RIP package, PfSense is stable!</ip>

  • So it has been almost a week and no response at all. This is not good…..
    I also asked PfSense support to react to this issue, because we want to know if this is a show stopper. If this problem isn't resolved, we will look in to another product. We hope somebody can clarify the problem and hopefully there is a solution.

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