• Hi

    I'm just testing at the moment and have a virtual machine with 3 interfaces.


    LAN can ping all LAN devices and access the Internet

    How do I configure OPT1 to have access to LAN and WAN ?

    Once that is working, is it possible to restrict OPT1 as follows
    AccessControlList to allow IP Addresses access to LAN & WAN
    OtherList to allow IP Addresses to WAN Only ?


  • Any access has to be allowed by firewall rules. Firewall > Rules > OPT1.
    If there is no rule, there is no access from this inteface.
    On LAN interface pfSense has a default allow any-to-any rule.

    You can add aliases in Firewall > Aliases > IP and use these in the rules for destination or source.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    When you say wan do you mean internet?  Wan net is not internet.. If you want to all internet you would need a any rule, or a ! (not rule) for your networks, etc.

  • Thanks I've added a rule to OPT1 to allow specific address to access LAN.

    How do I allow all from OPT1 -> Internet ?


  • Adding an any -> any rule works, but that then allow any to the LAN as well.

    Where I only want a specific list to the LAN.

  • I think I may have it working…

    Does this look correct ?

    Allow ANY -> ANY
    Block !WiFiACL from LAN

  • It's hard to say, since we don't know what's your goal.

    The first rule blocks any traffic to LAN from anywhere, but WiFiACL. The second rule allows any to anywhere.
    So all in all everything from any to any is allowed, but nothing from WiFiACL to LAN subnet. If that is what you want it's your solution.