PfSense blocking DHCP packets - how to unblock?

  • Hi there,

    I'm trying to pair my Sonos Sub with my cisco aironet wlc that feeds into pfsense.  All other sonos speakers work fine except for the sub.  Here is the response I received from Sonos support:

    Check for anything that might drop DHCP packets that have a client hardware address that does not match the SRC MAC address in a DHCP request. DHCP packets originating from satellites (Sub) will have this characteristic because their src MAC is replaced by the PLAYBAR's MAC.

    Does anyone know if pfSense drops such packets, and if so how to stop it from doing so?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Doubt it. Anything in the DHCP log for either of those MAC addresses? No requirement that the MAC address on the frame has to match the MAC address in the request that I know of. That would break relayed DHCP requests.

    You might have to packet capture to see what's what there.

    If they are shipping products incompatible with ISC dhcpd they are in for a rough ride.

  • I know that Ruckus APs are picky about this unless you tame them.
    Connecting a Win7 VM on my MBP through the same WiFi connection (MBP MAC bridge) was originally refused.

    I assume your Cisco AP might have the same behavior.

    This is Ruckus specific:

    We might have an option to work thru the bridge, if you can test it.
    When attempting to connect non-Ruckus wireless bridge devices, we can test by disabling
    directed-DHCP, our proprietary conversion of broadcast to unicast of DHCP offer and ack
    messages, and evaluate how this affects the WDS with wireless bridge clients.

    rkscli: set qos directedDHCP
    usage: set qos directedDHCP {enable|disable}

    From ZD CLI: remote_ap_cli –A “set qos directedDHCP disable”

    The “-A” switch before the double-quoted AP command, means apply to all currently connected APs.

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