Is The Realtek 8168b fully support by pfsense?

  • Running pfsense with a realtek 8168b Nic I am having some issues where it conflicts with another realtek onboard. When ever I place the pcie relate 8168b adapter in the slot when I boot the system which has an asrock 946gmc-s motherboard and it seems to be recognising it as a boot device. Why would the motherboard be using the pcie one as boot device rather than the onboard one.

    So what am I suppose to do now. I wonder if I try disabling the onboard and add one more of the realtek 8168b pcie adapter the computer will function properly.
    When I program the computer with pfsense in order to get it boot after installation I would have to remove the pcie network card let it boots, shut it down then reinsert the card and boot again then I configure them. Also the adapter if I set it as lan it is unable to issue ip addresses (dhcp).

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