Gateway group not switching to other wan gateway

  • I have two ADSL1 lines (one linked via a wireless bridge) on a gateway group. Basically two bridged modems with PPPOE set up for each of them in pfsense.

    Previously, when i ran speedtest it lwould oad balance no problems (ie. getting 13.65 Mbps down 0.66 up etc.).

    It has now decided not to work. I have tested each gateway by swapping the default gateway, and also switched each gateway off in turn - with same results.

    It seems like it isnt seeing the high latency as a trigger to route traffic from the default gateway to the next one etc. The latency thresholds are at the default and not changed, as are the packet loss thresholds.

    Apologies for my ignorance, Im trying my best to learn - however any guidacne as to what to try next would be appreciated

    thanks & Cheers

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