Unconventional ISP hookup

  • Hi,
    I have a unconventional mean to hook with my ISP and I need to know if pfSense will support me:

    I have a wireless connection with my ISP.
    This connection will give me a private, non routable, address in the 192.168.xxx.yyy range.
    This connection will allow me to connect with my ISP's internal network but will not be NATted to the Internet.
    I must use this connection to open an OpenVPN with a well defined server in the accessible range.
    This VPN connection will give me a fixed and routable IP address which I can use with the internet; The VPN rules will take care to set this address as default gateway and I can completely forget about my other non-routable address.

    Can I implement this scheme with pfSense?
    I'm currently using a self-modified IPCop, but that will not allow for multiple RED interfaces.
    I would like to add an HSDPA USB modem for failover.

    Can someone tell me if this will work?
    What should I install?
    Can I install pfSense in a virtual machine (at least for testing)?

    Thanks in Advance

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