Update failed, reboot loop

  • Hi,

    Did the update a week ago and didn't touch the router for a bit.  Today went to go online, no more internet connection!

    I plugged the screen on it and hes going into a reboot loop.  I managed to get a screenshot just before it reboot.

    Any ideas?  No changes were made on the bios, it seems to be a kernel issue, used both kernels available and no joy still

    Thank you

    Edit: single user do works, i can remount the system to read-write operations

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Boot into single user and run /sbin/fsck -y / a few times and see if that fixes it. Don't mount the filesystem first.

  • It worked!!

    Last thing i could see before seeing it crashing was something about not being able to lock on a database.
    Anyway its up and running now

    Thank you very much

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