Hello, PFSense Newb needs some help :)

  • Hello all, I just installed PFSense onto an old PC I got off a local PC shop and I have this idea I would like to do.. I am not sure if its possible but if it is can I get pointed in the right direction for some tutorials or some laymans explanations of things?

    This is what I would like to do.. I have a TP-Link TL-WN851ND and a motherboard with a single Network Port (Which I will use for WAN) and if it is possible I would like 2 hotspots (apparently Atheros cards can do that)… One will pass though directly to the WAN but the other hotspot will be going via a VPN..

    So with my network connections I will see 2 hotspots

    GillyWifi ==> PFSense ==> WAN
    GillyVPN ==> PFSense ==> OpenVpn ==> WAN

    I would like to do this so I can swap easily between having an vpn-ed connection or not with all my devices.

    I have managed to get OpenVPN working and connected to my VPN provider, I kinda just need to work out routing and such.

    Thanks all in advance :)

    ps.. I am running 2.3.2 (downloaded yesterday)

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