• Hi everyone.
    I know that topic have been already mentioned but even so, I can't do what I want.

    In my scenario:
    I have pfsense1 as a cloud instance
    and pfsense2 local mashine in office

    I've set up IPsec connection between pfsense1 and pfsense2

    on pfsense1 side I have a LAN /16
    on pfsense2 side I have a LAN /16

    I have a Windows domain controler on /16 with DNS and DHCP service.

    I want tu use DHCP server for users in office so I Want to use DHCP Relay Agent.

    I created a scope in DHCP server

    Then I turned on DHCP Relay on pfsense2 and point it to

    then a added a gateway in System->routing for LAN interface ( an make a static route for whole /8 network to go through this interface

    DHCP does not work.. When i use manual ip addres on PC and try to ping it works. When I use diagnostic tool from pfsense2 and ping it also works. But still no address is assigned to PC automaticly.

    Can you please help me?

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