Traffic shaping possibility

  • Good Day guys,
    In our office we have 1WAN coming in with 20MB/s,
    We want to share this in our office, Sale have to use 10MB/s , Credit 5MB/s and finaly 5MB/S for the guest.
    i've configured the Sale office to use 10MB/S with Traffic Shaping wizard, however when i run i see the Sale Network still using the whole 20MB.

    is this the correct way to check the Traffic Shaping ?

    thank you

  • If you're using HFSC then that 10Mb is sort of a guarantted amount of bandwidth.  If your link is unused, it will take all available.  HFCS is pretty complicated, but it essentially tries to provide a minimum amount of bandwidth per queue based on how you configure the queues.  They share it but will use as much as available unless you have an upperlimit defined.  Depending on what you need, a PRIQ config may be better suited and much less complex.  Head over to the Traffic Shaping forum to get some much better answers than I can provide.

  • Thank you Kom for your answer,
    i managed to get it up and running, the only issue now is the upload which is not shapped, the download is

  • This may sounds confusing, but you shape downloads by controlling uploaded data.  Each packet you receive is in response to a request you sent.  If you slow down the send requests, the received data will also slow down.  That's how shaping works.  You can't shape traffic that is already hitting your WAN.

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