Multiple Subnets not browseable

  • This is my setup.

    Modem (WAN)–- Network Appliance (PFSense)

    |                              |                  |                        |
                                                  LAN1                        LAN2            LAN3                LAN4

    |                                |                  |                          |
                                subnet 192.168.2.* /24        192.168.1.*/24    unused                unused

    |                                |
                                            unmanaged switch      unmanaged switch

    Both subnets can browse the internet.

    I can ssh from 192.168.1.* into servers on 192.168.2.*

    I can't browse network shares on 192.168.2.* from 192.168.1.* on Windows PC's and vice-versa.

    Both LAN interfaces don't have an Upstream Gateway set.

    Both LAN interfaces don't block Reserved Networks.

    First Firewall Rule for 192.168.2.* passes any protocol from 192.168.2.* LAN net to 192.168.1.* LAN net

    Allow IP options are passed due to running multicast traffic for DMX\Pixel controllers running.

    First Firewall Rule for 192.168.1.* passes any protocol from 192.168.1.* LAN net to 192.168.2.* LAN net.

    What do I need to do to allow network shares visible on 192.168.1.*

    I will be adding another subnet soon and replacing the switches with managed switches, so things will get a little more complicated.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Windows network "browsing" requires something to overcome the lack of broadcasts since broadcasts do not cross subnets. You should be able to connect using \\sharename.

    You can probably get away with setting DNS names for your internal hosts. Running DNS on an active directory domain controller fixes all of this right up.

  • ipadress sharename worked. good enough for me. cheers

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