Install pfSense on Acer Aspire R3700 (Revo) for use as a wifi hotspot

  • I'm new to pfSense, but it seems like a very powerful and configurable (FreeBSD-based) router package. I also have an old nettop computer sitting around: an Acer Aspire R3700, which I think is also known as a REVO nettop. This nettop has one ethernet jack and a wifi card with an internal antenna.

    I would like to use pfSense to set up the nettop as a wifi hotspot in which different users can enter their individual passwords to get access to the internet. This sounds like a fairly common set-up, but I can't seem to find a guide which explains how to install and configure pfSense with this particular application.

    Can someone point me to some appropriate guide or tutorial?


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