Poweredge 1750 red light

  • I have a dell poweredge 1750 with pfsense 1.2 installed on it. When I reboot sometimes I get the solid blue light on the dell server indicating there aren’t any hardware errors, other times it blinks red. I checked the hard drives and they are fine… Is there a way in pfsense to check and see what is failing/ failed? I also checked the power supplies and they seem to be fine. Anyway any guidance would be great.

    Thanks in advance,

  • I believe the bootable openmanage disk will allow you to run hardware diags. Otherwise, you will have to install a supported OS (Windows, Linux), install the openmanage console, and check from there.

  • I was worried that might be the case. I will look for the diagnostic tools from the bios tonight…. What about the Dell Remote Access card? Could that provide any use to me?

  • The DRAC allows you remote console access plus access to some of the hardware status information.  Your other option (if supported in pfSense, I haven't looked) is to use IPMI.  I use this for a number of more recent (1850, 1950 and 2950) Dell servers under Linux and it allows access to all sorts of status information.

  • I ended up talking to a dell rep who told me to Google dell open manage live cd i think. It runs CentOS and has dell open managed already on it. Good news, it was only chassi intrusion alerts with a few power supply outages….. ;-) Back to business!

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