Lan Interface is not showing up in "By Interface" on Traffic Shaper

  • I am running ver 2.3.2 on an old PC with a USB Network dongle for my LAN interface on my home network.  1 WAN interface via DHCP with IPv4 and IPv6, and 1 LAN static IP.

    When running the Traffic Shaping wizards, I get the "There are less interfaces than number of connections!" and it will not run.

    When looking at the "By Interface" page in the traffic shaper I only see the WAN interface.  Would this be caused by the LAN being the USB dongle?

    Any assistance would be appreciated in getting the traffic shaper working.

  • Im having the same issue with a usb connected LTE Modem as a WWAN interface on all my netgate appliances. Im thinking USB devices can not be used for traffic shaping  :'(

  • Im thinking USB devices can not be used for traffic shaping

    Correct.  If they're not supported by ALTQ then you can't use them with shaping.

  • I was able to get this working by changing my hardware over to my virtual server.  It is confirmed that it was the USB Dongle causing the issue.

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