• I'm going to service a customer's installations tomorrow. While preparing I thought about updating the ALIX devices which currently run 2.1.dunno
    Is it advised to upgrade PCengines ALIX 2D boards with 4GB Nano Installs to a current 2.3.2 or should I better leave them alone?

    I have two other installs where I will need the IGMP Proxy on VLANs in the near future (ALIX as well)
    Due to the known regression "IGMP Proxy does not work with VLAN interfaces, and possibly other edge cases. Bug 6099." can somebody tell me which was the latest version that did not have this "little-used component" limitation? Was it 2.2.5? The bug is reported from 2.2.6 onwards.

    Appreciate your feedback.

  • Just to update this post … I recently installed 2.3.2-p1 on an old PC Engines ALIX 3D2 board.
    Much to my surprise the GUI works amazingly fast and I will update my other ALIX installs in the field.
    Write speed of the CF cards makes each update quite painfull though.