DNS fails to respond to type "ANY" queries for local names

  • Hi,
    I was trying to upgrade VMware VCSA6 to 6.5 and it kept failing saying the hostname (vcsa6.internal.splhi.com) wasn't resolvable.
    After digging down through the scripts, the bottom level Python code is calling "dig" as follows:

    dig @ vcsa6.internal.splhi.com +short ANY

    That's failing on pfSense with no answer and noerror.
    This seems to be related to unbound and the "System Domain Local Zone Type".

    If I instead query

    dig @ vcsa6.internal.splhi.com +short

    I get the correct response (

    Is this a bug/limitation in unbound? It seems it ought to handle queries of type "ANY" even for the local domain definition.
    I'm going to work around it by hacking the vcsa Python code to not add the "ANY" argument in the interim.

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    Went over this quite some time ago.  Funny that is like 1 year exactly…

  • Thank you, John!

    So, yes, this will break anybody trying to upgrade VMware VCSA if pfSense/unbound is their DNS server.
    Hacking dns_utils.py on the 6.5 VM and removing that addition of 'ANY' to the dig arguments allowed me to complete the upgrade.
    That's really pretty bad coding - they don't want or need 'ANY' (imagine if there were MX records!), they only want 'A' or 'AAAA', so I'll look log a bug with VMware.

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