USB Flash drives as network storage

  • Hello,

    I'm not entirely familiar with pfsense. I've managed to get a lot of configuring done successully, but this one issue with USB flash drives. I'm looking to use a flash drive as a standard network storage when I connect it to a USB port. When I plug in the drive, reboot and check system logs it appears to be recognizing it, but I do not see the drive in network locations, or any option to configure the drive in the web UI.

    What format does pfsense use? Maybe it's formatted wrong. Are there tools I'm missing? Any advice would be helpful, I'll pull a syslog if you need it.

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    What is "standard network storage?"

  • Storage that is able to be accessed over the LAN, and if configured, WAN. Similar to how most modern routers now have a USB input that can be accessed as a folder over the network.

    i.e. Readyshare for Netgear routers.

    Thank you for the quick reply.

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    Yeah. Not in pfSense. Use a host on your network for that. Maybe a NAS.

  • I wanted to avoid the paywall of a NAS, and domain policy blocks network sharing. Unfortunately sharing USB via FTPs like most modern routers allow was my best bet without spending so much on a NAS.

    Thanks for the info.

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