NanoBSD similar to Live CD?

  • Just want to make sure i"m understanding how the NanoBSD (embedded) works, does it function just like a Live CD? It doesn't make any changes to the host HD, but will leverage the Host RAM, and will make minimal writes to the CF or USB Thumb Drive for things like configuration data?

  • Found my own answer. I had to use the 2.4 beta, which offers a 'Live' mode. I didn't know if it worked though and by this time I was so psyched that I got the USB stick to boot that I just did a full install.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The 2.4 image does not actually offer a "live" environment. It has to install somewhere to function. The misleading installer menu option has been changed. Installing was the correct thing to do.

  • Yeah. Now that i've installed it, no problems at all.

    Thanks guys.

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