Specific WAN Interface for a Specific Group

  • Dear All,

    Is it possible to create a group such as "IPTV Clients" and have members of this group serviced by a specific WAN, whilst other devices are serviced by the other WAN I have.

    At the moment they are set up only as Failover. I have a 10Mb WiMax (IPTV) WAN and a 25Mb Satellite WAN.
    I tried load balancing but the latency is 0.27 for the WiMax and 0.65 for the Satellite so it was pointless setting it up to fail every time.

    Anyway any advice on WAN to Group to WAN setup would be a real plus.

    Thanks and kind regards,


  • Add an alias for this group and add all devices to it that should be directed to the specific WAN.
    Then add a firewall pass rule to LAN or which interface the devices are connected to. At source enter the new alias, go down and display the Advaced options, go down to gateway and select the preferred gateway.
    Put this rule above the allow any to any rule to take effect.

  • Excellent thank you for the reply I will give it a go in the morning.

    Kind regards,

    jB  8)

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