DHCPV6 with Tracking Interface on Lan and fix addresses for special computer

  • Hi,

    I had configued pfsense with Tracking Wan interface and DHCPv6 Rand ::1000 to ::2000 , I want, for example ::1000 fix for a special device.
    I saw the delegation to my device, but there ist no button "Add fix Ip".

    What is goning wrong ?


  • Under Services > DHCPv6 Server/RA, you can change the DHCPv6 range to be different - like ::2000 to ::3000 - then at the bottom of the page is where you can set up a static DHCPv6 entry for the host you want.

    However, you'll need to know the DUID of the host, so it might be easier to have it pick up a lease first, then add a static DHCPv6 entry from the Status > DHCPv6 Leases page by clicking the white and blue + button on the right side of the table.

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