Server suggestion

  • I have an installation for about 250 users with two subnets.I want to use a server for reliability.Maximum active users will be around 75 users mainly utilizing lan.I use captive portal for all users.Suggest me a server within 550USD approx 36k in Indian rupees.

  • Is there no one who can suggest?

  • For about USD 700, you can get the branded pfSense appliance SG-4860 direct from the store, which comes with vendor support; Or you can get one of the older firewall appliances listed under "Working Specialist Platforms," for much less and run pfSense on it.

    Unfortunately, the answer really depends on your usage needs and your ability/tolerance to hack an older appliance.

  • Your answer will depend much more on the throughput of your WAN connection than the number of users.  My suggestion is to buy from the pfSense store.  Any of the currently available devices should handle 250 users just fine, and you'll get the support that comes with your purchase.  If you seek maximum reliability, buy two devices and run them in a failover pair.

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