Configurating multi-WAN in varius VLAN

  • I have this situation, a pfSense server that have 3 NICs, one of them is connected to a Layer 2 Switch and the others routers connected to this. Figure:

    Router 1 –--------------------------------------
    Router 2 (Internet) ------------- [ Layer 2 Switch ] –-----------  pfSense
    Router 3 ----------------------------------------

    Router 1 has
    Router 2 has
    Router 3 has

    in the pfSense i configure the wan interface with the ip and GW (Router 2) and with two VLANs with the WAN interface as parent with IP and GW and the other .....

    The problem is that the pfSense has ping with the Router 2, but with the VLANs not, is timed out or "ping: sendto: Host is down"

    In the routers i need to configurate to support VLAN?? or something else??? the switch need support VLAN???

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