Multi-WAN, Multi-LAN Issue

  • Hi,
    We recently setup a WAN Failover. Ever since, devices on LAN1 cannot communicate with devices on LAN2, and vice versa. It did work before. The LAN Gateways ARE accessible to either subnet.
    When I do a traceroute, it appears to be routing via WAN1 and going out to the Internet, then gets stuck saying "Destination Unreachable" or "Timeout".
    I have tried every troubleshooting method I can think of, but got nowhere.

    Here is our setup:
    Port 1: WAN1 (Primary ISP)
    Port 2: WAN2 (Failover ISP)
    Port 3: LAN1
    Port 4: LAN2

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  • I found the issues. I had to create a firewall rule to router the traffic using the default gateway, and not the (Failover) Gateway Group!

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