Apple axing airports - time to step up!

  • Man, I never saw that coming.

    I think a mesh network of AP's with a pfsense head is pretty unbeatable.

    I wonder what their crystal ball saw where they decided not to compete.

  • wonder if its not related to there dealing with cisco

  • Banned

    most likely the fact they realized they cannot make a profit on access points with their over-priced half baked APs when you can buy full featured enterprise quality access points now adays for ~50-70 bucks from engenious, netgear, ubiquiti, D-Link, even lower end cisco units.

    Even if a customer manages too swallow the 100% markup to buy a mac, they will choke on the same markup for an access point.  Especially when it has the same chipset as a bunch of the other brands, stuffed into a Apple fancy plastic shell.

    FYI most if not all of the Apple Airport devices are just broadcom units, a few were also Lucent made….  With a super expensive apple shell.

    Dont believe me......  Check this link.....

  • Sure that's their MO.  Their software is what people want.  Whatever it comes on is another story.

    The airport software is pretty cool - but yeah not very tweaker friendly.  It's easy to keep up with mesh stuff though as it will lay out all the devices and remember their passwords and stuff.

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