Can't connect to firewall!!

  • Please, I need help.
    I have a firewall installed by an external company with pfSense 1.2 on it, with no administration since March. Now, I need to make a NAT, so I am trying to configure pfSense in the firewall.
    I put a Monitor on the firewall and I saw that it IP is (i've confirmed it with a Ipscan on my PC)… so I tried to access to this IP from my pc (IP and the page doesn't load. It seems like the page doesn't exists. I tried with different web navigators and differents pc in my LAN, but nothing works....i still can't see the pfSense Configuration Screen (wich must be in

    That's my problem

    Please, I really need this urgently.


  • Try doing a portscan on the firewall to see if it is even listening for connections to port 80, or 443.

  • Did you try
    Could it be setup as a filtering bridge?

  • And how do i do that??

    (now i entered to pfsense shell and i don't know how to exit from there)

  • @Perry:

    Did you try
    Could it be setup as a filtering bridge?

    thx…now i can enter to the config screen....the problem now is that i don't know the password


  • default is pfsense
    You will need console access to reset password
    3)  Reset webConfigurator password

  • Thx a lot…..everything works fine now...

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