Advice on building my setup - HH5, UK

  • Hi there!

    I'm UK based and currently use a BT Home Hub 5 router/modem to connect to BT Infinity.

    I wish to encrypt all my traffic using OpenVPN as our nation has decided to defecate wildly on our civil liberties and privacy recently; As such I'm going to be building a pfsense machine soon to act as the router.

    I'm on a budget and can just about afford the hardware to do so, however I'd rather avoid having to buy a new VDSL2 modem (even if they're only £20 on eBay) and a separate router to act as a WiFi access point.

    Is it possible to use the HH5 at all in this setup? Could it act as just the router or just the Wireless? Would it somehow be magically possible to use the hh5's modem, forward to the pfsense machine to encrypt and do it's routey magic, and then back to the HH5 to use it's Wifi?

    My networking knowledge is pitiful at best, which is probably now evident, but I'm a fast learner!

    Thanks :)

  • Hi

    A google reveals that no it can't be used as a modem only.  It may work as a Wi-Fi access point but probably more trouble than it's worth and it may not expose the necessary settings to allow it to work correctly.

    Something like this would be a good Wi-Fi point.



  • Unfortunately that device is around £80 here, which is way over what I can afford to spend! I've managed to source a VDSL2 Openreach modem, so at least that parts sorted, just need to find a cheap AC access point!

    I might try and repurpose my old i7 2600k rig for pfsense, I imagine openvpn should work pretty well with that

  • You can get a Asus RT-N66U for like £30 off ebay if you are vigilant. Grab one of those, probably the best price / performance you'll find. Then just put it into AP mode.

    The HG612 is a really good VDSL modem. When I was with BT it worked really well. Connection uptime of like 60+ days easily.

  • I've read a few guides that say the HH5 can be used as an access point.

    I've got one and that's what I plan to use mine for!

  • The TP-Link TL-WA801ND is a great access point for the price, if you're still looking for a separate AP.  Comes with a PoE injector, supports VLANs and multiple SSIDs.  And it's cheap, at $25 USD or so. Not the fastest, but otherwise great in my experience.

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