Multiple wan failover with IPSEC tunnels between multiple site, advice please

  • Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding our multi wan multi LAN connectivity and whether what I wish to achieve is possible with PFSense.
    I’ve attached a diagram outlining the kit available and the connections at each site.

    Essentially from each site I would like all internet bound traffic to go over the primary path which is the 100Mb Leased line.
    In case of failure of this path at 1 site I would like to route over the 1Gb point to point link and out over the other sites 100Mb leased line.
    In case of both the 100mb and the 1Gb links failing at site A we would like just our voice traffic to be routed over the Tertiary path which is just a normal DSL.
    Is what I am trying to do possible with PFSense? And if so any pointers to where to start and if not any recommendations on what to implement in place of PFSense


    Nick Sharp

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