Incoming Email

  • We tried to receive Password Re-set email (Transactional Email) from an service, but unfortunately that email got blocked and while checking the receiving logs we got below mentioned error message "sent (250 2.7.0 Ok, discarded, id=47576-28 - INFECTED: Sanesecurity.Malware.26368.JsHeur.UNOFFICIAL)". I would like to understand better on this case. Please assist me as soon as possible.

  • Well, first off you should probably post your problem in one of the many tech support forums here.  This forum is for general discussion, as per its name.  Secondly, it looks like the mail was blocked by a virus scanner.  Are you using ClamAV?  Thirdly, if you need urgent support on demand, I might recommend that you purchase official support from the pfSense folks.

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