Possible double NAT

  • Here is my scenario:

    Home network 192.168.0.x
    Lab Network 192.168.1.x VM

    My lab is pretty intense and I need to access it from the internet. I use Port forwarding to access a VM PC and use internal RDP from there

    My goal. Is to separate the two networks

    I have a ASUS router which is my home router. This is my only way to the internet

    I have installed the PFSense in my VM lab. I would like all my VM's to use the PFSense router as its gateway and then have the PFsense forward to my home router and out to the net. For some reason I am having the hardest time getting this to work

    Once I have that completed I would like to be able to RDP from the net through the home router over to the PFsense router to my VM workstation. So Port Forwarding I assume.

    Am I making this extremely difficult?

    Suggestions welcome.


  • I suppose your networks are /24 networks? Yes port forwarding is want you want. Have you disabled the RCF1918 rule on your WAN tab? It's by default set to block all incoming packages with a source ip address from the Private Address space. This makes sense when pfsense is directly connected to your ISP, but in your case it's behind another router/nat device.

  • yeah I disabled it.

    I feel like I am missing something so simple. But after flipping back and forth between networks to test I feel I might be better of just starting over.

    yes /24

  • Silly question:

    in the VM host do I need to use 2 nics or am I OK with just one?

  • Fixed it thanks!!

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