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  • I installed version 1.2 on a VIA 501+ with a K6-3-333 running at 300 MHz, 256K PC-100 RAM, Cavier 4Gb hard drive, 3 NIC's.  (3Com, Belkin and I think the 3rd is Airlink)

    The installation was straightforward.  Pfsense recognized the NIC's as xl0, rl0, and ste3.  All three NIC's work on the WAN interface.  (Not at the same time!)  They all will get an IP from the WAN DHCP server and establish connections.  I think it is safe to conclude that they are hardware compatible with Pfsense.

    I have tried all three NIC's for the LAN interface with IP  They will all ping,, but none will ping my workstation at

    From my workstation I can't ping Pfsense at  If I turn on DHCP in Pfsense and set my workstation to get IP from the server, I don't get an address.  I am not using a crossover cable, but going through a switch.

    I have no problem connecting from my workstation to ipcop at or a D-Link router at  I am able to get an IP from the DHCP servers on Ipcop or the router.  I can ping both of them.  So I conclude that my workstation and my network are working OK.

    Finally, when I configure the router at without DHCP, my workstation at and Pfsense at without DHCP I can ping the router from my workstation but I can't ping the router from Pfsense.

    Is there some internal setting I have to configure in Pfsense to make the LAN port accessible?  I have searched the forums and didn't find a solution.

  • Hello,

    You would better put your diagram here if you really want any replies.


  • WAN–---------Pfsense--X          X--LAN

  • I suspect nocer was looking for somewhat more detail in asking for a network diagram.

    Have you checked the basics?

    Many NICs have a Status indicator (link up) and an Activity indicator. Same for switches. Do both relevant status indicators show "link up"? Does the pfSense link status show "link up"? Do not pass go and do not collect $200 until you get affirmative answers to both questions. Then

    When the workstation requests a DHCP address

    • do the relevant activity indicators on BOTH switch and NIC indicate activity?

    • do counters for the relevant NIC increase appropriately?

    • does a tcpdump show incoming packets on the relevant interface?

  • I'm having the exact same problem.  His link lights are obviously on and working as he's telling you that if he substitues the box running pfsense for a box running ipcop and changes nothing else about his configuration, everything works fine.

    He also said plainly that if he swaps the WAN and LAN connections on the pfsense box, the behavior is identical and only the wan works.

    So the hardware is all confirmed and working, but a default install of pfSense appearently blocks all lan traffic, i'm thinking it's bad route, but I'm not very good with routing from the cmd line.

  • @oopstu:

    I'm having the exact same problem.

    Two cars in the workshop. The interior light doesn't work in either car. Investigation shows in one car the interior light has blown but in the other car the fuse for the interior light has blown. Same problem or two different problems with the same symptoms? I prefer to consider these two different problems because they require different actions to fix the problem. I'll reserve judgement on whether your problem is the same as m.econome's problem.


    His link lights are obviously on and working as he's telling you that if he substitues the box running pfsense for a box running ipcop and changes nothing else about his configuration, everything works fine.

    I reread m.econome's original post. He says

    I have no problem connecting from my workstation to ipcop

    but I can't see where he says he substituted the box running pfSense for a box running ipcop. Similarly I can't see where m.econome reports on the status of his link lights. oopstu please explain your relationship with m.econome: are you both working on the same problem with the same gear? By what authority do you speak for m.econome?

  • Thanks for the pedantic metaphor.  It was really helpful.

    You and I both know that I have no authority to speak for the guy, but I figured that someone might want to provide more context, some bit of hopeful information, or brainstorm a possibility to help the guy along rather than everyone spending time offering corrections.

    I also misspelled a word or two but I see you let that slide, thanks!

    His post states, in my opinion quite clearly, that when he uses ipcop and dhcp on the same network and to the same pc, he is able to work as expected.  When he switches to the pfSense box he gets nothing.

    No change in his network other than flipping dhcp off on one and on to the other.  I think that we can assume his link lights are on.

    I've abandoned pfSense.  Endian firewall is cubersome, but is slick for someone stupid like me, and so far I have yet to meet any forum guys who refuse to offer troubleshooting advice or assistance to anyone who has failed to list to state their problem with the perfect syntax.

    m.econome might be a powerful ally someday, you should take care of him. I'm gone, enjoy your lordship over folks.

  • @m.econome:

    I installed version 1.2 on a VIA 501+ …

    On the console screen it shows the interfaces with configured IPs, if names etc. on top.
    Do both interfaces you're using have a  '*'  behind their names?

      WAN*                     ->   fxp0    ->
      OPT1(WLAN)            ->   xl0      ->
      LAN*                      ->   fxp1    ->
      OPT2(DMZ)*            ->   fxp2    ->

    This would show a detected link at least and serve as a starting point for further trouble shooting.
    I have no link at the OPT1(WLAN) if in the example given above.

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