GRE Tunnel between branch and Datacenter

  • I want to construct a GRE Tunnel between a branch office (BO) and a Head office.(HO)
    The branch offices have a variety of equipment that we dont want to replace just yet.
    Internet access egresses the BO locally via an ISP (adsl / broadband/ fibre etc)
    the HO has 250mb fibre and a Cisco ASA doing the PPoE.

    Knowning now that pfsense wont tunnel through an ASA but only use transport and that both endpoints need a public IP I am in a dilema.

    I have 6 public IP addresses and I want to use one to terminate the GRE tunnels.
    Can I put pfsense at the edge and have it dial the PPoE connection and also route those extra IP addresses and handle a GRE tunnel from downstream cisco devices?

    If that wont work can i put in 2 pfsense hardware appliances one for the HO and one from the BO do to the tunnel?

    thanks for your help people..

  • Can I bump this topic to the top and check that I am in the correct forum?

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