Network HiccUps

  • I got latest pfSense installed on our call center

    Lately it came to my attention that the ISP we use for VoIP like twice a minute got a HICCUP having whole bandwidth exhaust

    I want to see how can i:

    a) Monitor each IP (from LAN), bandwidth consumption and destinations ( similar to SARG used to do )

    b) How can i find the machine(s) that's causing that hiccups

    c) The interface that's having the hiccups is only having VoIP traffic ( and the hiccup goes as high as 3 EXTRA megs)

    Thanks for any help provided !!!

  • If you're ISP is having the bandwidth exhaustion, there is nothing you can do other than to use another ISP. If your connection to your ISP is being exhausted, that's another issue entirely.

  • It only last 1 second at most, ISP bandwidth is 3mb up and down, and we are currently using somewhere between 1,4 and 1,8 mbs… so we are safe, but when we do get the hiccups then we have a small issue... and it happens like 3 times in a min... so is not that bad, but we want to prevent it from happening and find the offender machine

    That is why i am asking how can i monitore bandwidth consumption per machine on our LAN and to see how can we find destination IP or Hostname

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    Why would a voip client do that.. How many devices do you have on this voip network?  What codecs are you using 711, 729? 722??  You sure its not something other than a voip client putting something on the wire?  I would sniff and see what the traffic looks like..  So it happens 3 times in a minute??  If so then simple 1 minute sniff sould give you all the info you need to find out the IP doing it..

  • Yesterday it did it once every 20 or 30 mins, i am still wondering what would that be

    I am a VoIP providor, so i know is not me as a carrier, we now fired a lot of people and we are down to 45 agents, we use codec G729

    I Just need to know if there is any tool to log traffic on a network, store destination and bandwidth speed at a particular time, so i can trace it down better

    I am a newbie, so, guidance will be appreciated

    Thanks so much !!!

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