PfSense 2.3.2-RELEASE-p1 (amd64) crashes with dlink dwa-556 card

  • I bought a dlink DWA-556 W-Lan card, because Atheros cards were recommended and this was the only atheros card in the list of supported cards from here:

    I am using pfSense as KVM on a linux host system and use legacy PCI passthrough to use the W-Lan card with pfSense (I know that was deprecated, but I cant use vfio-pci because that fails because of some issues with the msix_init functionality of the card )

    When I first started pfSense with this W-Lan card, it was detected and I was able to add a wireless interface at Interfaces->Wireless in AP mode. I have then created a W-Lan at Interfaces->Interface Assignments, but the W-Lan never showed up at any of my devices. I have then rebooted the firewall, but it crashed before it was completely started. I haven't been able to start the firewall with the W-Lan card since. It does still start without the W-Lan card. I haven't tried if it starts again with the W-Lan card if I remove the wireless interface I added. I have attached the files from /var/crash/ below.

    Is there somewhere a guide on how I can build and debug the kernel pfSense uses?


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